Doing Business in LATAM

Our expertise is referred to support our clients in matters such as Corporate Finance, Mergers, Acquisitions & Disposals, Management Buy-Outs/ Management Buy-Ins, Valuations, Business proposal and all forms of Raising Capital.

Given the nature of our activities, we have grouped a portfolio of businesses, which is always being renewed, susceptible to receive investors.  The main characteristics of these companies are the real possibility to obtain a quick growth.


Do you have a great Idea or need advise to land in Latin America ?

  We provide all required consultancy services including investment sourcing and structuring, due diligence and valuation of companies, and final negotiation

 Creation of a Private Equity Fund for Latin American Region

 In order to invest in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Latin American countries we consider to create a Private Equity Fund.

 Strategic Planning considers investing in a wide range of industries and businesses, focusing primarily on those companies that have a tendency to export or have the potential to compete in the international arena.