Creation of Private Equity Fund to invest in LATAM

BUSINESS PLAN, for all the instance, funds are dedicated to making private equity in order to invest in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in Latin American countries .

Private Equity investments are originated and managed through our team.

All related duties will be performed in coordinated form with Government Ministers, Economic agencies, International/Local Banks and Business Offices.

Fully Investment planning thesis & methods are available to assist firms in their budgeting process. 

  • Investment Objective
  • Investment Amounts
  • Investment Period
  • Capital Reinvestment
  • Closing and Size of offering
  • Committed Capital
  • Shareholders


 Business Plan assumptions:


1)     Fund Investment horizon, 10 years.

2)     Acquisition and Buy-out are carried out in a time limit of 4 years.

3)     Projected Profit value of each investment is 25% annual.

4)     Interests are in yearly basis.

5)     Capital recovering at 10th year, with the dissolution of fund.

6)     For Fund dissolution purpose, all buy-outs are considered.  







As per actual conditions, Mining and Metals sectors will experience several changes going from privatization to downstream integration, creating significant NEW opportunities for companies in these sectors.

To aboard these challenges, middle-size Companies require Cash-flow to start-up operations in many LATAM countries, to be successful in facing these challenges, companies will need to have access to independent, industry focused and highly experienced corporate finance advice.

Chinese steel mills are increasingly looking to secure supplies of Iron Ore given the soaring prices charged by global miners.

We have Mines located in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Mexico willing to advance with this NEW figure,a Corporate partner that can aboard this challenge and establish a long term agreement.





 Emerger Vineyard, winner of important grants in Europe seeks a strategic associate to undertake an aggressive plan of international expansion. Investment is close to  US$ 2 Mill. and offers an important participation to investor interested. 

The Vineyard dedicated of Premium wines sales, possesses clients of corporate level and at present is developing a high quality wines export project for the international markets. Internationally recognized, in 2002 the Vineyard obtained Silver Medal in the World Contest of Brussels (Belgium) and in 2003 obtained again the same grant. 







Exclusive “recreational and ecological” real estate project, with more than 3,000 hectares located just 100 kilometers southwest of Santiago with excellent access and travel time less than 1 hour

 The project include a large lagoon, Club & Marina with reception, supermarket, school, shopping center.

With a projected total investment of U.S. $ 50,000,000, of which we have already invested approximately $ 10,000,000,

 The sports complex includes two pools, soccer field and all these outdoor courts: basketball, tennis, volleyball, cycling, canoeing, water skiing, windsurfing, riding an island for fishing.

 All residential parcels have an extraordinary view over the lagoon and hills and a lush vegetation consists of native forests.